By creating and improving FLYN we want to respond to a wide range of needs of all the people who are passionate about the water sports and can appreciate good design and quality. People, who are not afraid to face the ruthless elements of nature. Anyone who once stood up to the wild force of nature knows how important good equipment is.

That's why FLYN focuses primarily on functionality and durability. All of our clothes, including swimsuits and wetsuits, are made of high quality materials using modern and ecological methods.

The Yamamoto neoprene we use is produced from the limestone extracted from the Japanese mountains. Yamamoto provides 95% water impermeability (compared to 70% for standard oil-based neoprene). This brings a number of advantages - this material is lighter, absorbs less water and dries faster. It also keeps the temperature of your body much more efficiently and gives good protection against the wind. The Yamamoto material is more stretchy than the classic neoprene and can learn the shape of your body, which lets it perfectly fit. Equipment made out of Yamamoto neoprene lasts up to three times longer than the equipment made by using more common materials. We are constantly improving technology used in the production of our goods, making sure that both the quality and design is on the highest possible level.

We want to support everyone who decides to face the true power of nature. .